Irrigreen Smart Sprinkler Installation in Austin, Texas

Sprinkler Medics has partnered with Irrigreen to become their primary contractor and Irrigreen vendor serving Austin and Central Texas.

Irrigreen is a digital sprinkler system that utilizes fewer yet more efficient heads to water your lawn precisely. Because of their unique shape, the digital sprinklers aid in minimizing water wastage. The Irrigreen systems can be installed in just one-third of the time typically required for a traditional irrigation system installation.

The inkjet printer systems inspired the digital sprinkler, so it works similarly to its mapping technology. Irrigreen helps you accurately target the trajectory of the rotating sprinkler to water areas of your lawn. The system uses an intelligent, calculated approach to dispense water based on the soil type, weather conditions, and landscaping. The sprinklers are easily controlled through an app available on any smartphone.

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Irrigreen Digital Sprinkler Benefits & System Requirements

The benefit of installing an Irrigreen system lies in the regulated water volume technology. The smart sprinklers work differently than a traditional sprinkler system. Instead of having a significant portion of the water shoot out all at once and ultimately end up in the air, the intelligent system deploys one zone at a time to utilize maximum water pressure and area accuracy. There are only a few simple requirements for installing the system on your Austin property:

8 gallons/minute flow

Water Pressure at 40-80 psi

Backflow device

A Strong Wi-Fi Connection at The Control Box

Irrigreen Professional Installation with Sprinkler Medics of Austin

How Irrigreen Digital Sprinklers Work and The Installation Process:

Our Sprinkler Medic team will help you through the process of obtaining and installing Irrigreen Digital Sprinklers on your Austin property. Homeowners can do the installation process, but it can be highly technical, which is where our professionals are ready to assist. Sprinkler Medics will contact Irrigreen on your behalf for an initial quote and order. Afterward, we begin the digging process, which is much less invasive than the traditional sprinkler installation process. We do all the mapping operations and walk around your property to program each waterhead to your lawn needs. Interested in receiving a quote from our Austin sprinkler professionals for an Irrigreen installation service contact us today: 512-710-7274

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