Non-Invasive Bamboo Installation for Georgetown and Austin areas

Why non-invasive Bamboo?  Not only are they decorative in your garden, but they don’t spread like wildfire. They stay clumped together and can last even through a drought. It is a very modern look and it can also be a natural fence. Non-invasive bamboos block outsiders from looking in, avoid noisy neighbors, and even prevent high winds! They are easy to maintain whether it is a trim or to water. Non-Invasive Bamboo can also help by preventing soil erosion. They have strong roots that are like steel underground, and make a natural layer of mulch. Our professionals here at Sprinkler Medics have years of installing Non-invasive bamboos. To learn more contact us today. We also offer a variety of services including sod installation, sprinkler repair & installation, drains, & more! To receive an estimate, call us at 512-710-7274 or simply fill out the form today!

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Benefits of Non-Invasive Bamboo

Let the experts at Sprinkler Medics install your non-invasive bamboo. We also seek to give you all the benefits that come with it. Choosing non-invasive bamboo benefits you by:

  • Keeping clumped bamboos over ones that spread will make it easier to maintain.
  • Non-invasive bamboos will help prevent soil erosion
  • keep your garden nice and cool in the Texas heat
  • Natural fence
  • Purifies the air around you and your other plants

From Round Rock To Cedar Park, Liberty Hill & Leander, Sprinkler Medics Offers Bamboo Landscaping Throughout The Austin Area