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Here in Georgetown we are known for are beautiful “Red Poppy” flowers. We even host an annual red poppy festival for visitors to come and visit our beautiful town! Because of this tradition, let Sprinkler Medics help by installing or repairing your sprinklers at home or at your business. We also provide other services like outdoor lighting, landscaping, mulching,  and so much more!

Let’s get you ready for red poppy season and more with Sprinkler Medics. Call to schedule your appointment with one of our many specialists today!

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Benefits of Sprinkler Medics Irrigation Services

At Sprinkler Medics we take our time to evaluate each and every lawn. We would examine what kind of grass and flower beds you have and that will determine what kind of sprinkler system will be needed to install in your yard. We would also repair any damages over time. Having our sprinkler system installed would benefit you in these ways:

  • Self watering timer, no more over watering or forgetting
  • No more dead plants or grass
  • Be worry free after or during work about your lawn
  • Water Once a Week Solutions
  • Digital Smart Sprinkler Installation options through Irrigreen

Learn More About Sprinkler Installation/ Repair with Sprinkler Medics

We provide sprinkler and irrigation repair throughout Austin, Round Rock, Cedar Park, and more. We also offer mulching and landscaping services throughout the Austin area.   Visit your local area listing to learn more about the North, Central, and South Austin neighborhoods that we service.