Cold Weather Solutions for Home & Commercial Lawn Irrigation

Are your Austin sprinklers ready for winter? Avoid costly repairs and blow out your sprinklers today. At Sprinkler Medics we are happy to provide you with a Sprinkler winterization service. 

Getting your sprinklers ready for below-freezing temperatures is extremely important. Not getting your sprinklers winterized will damage your pipes and prevent water from coming out when spring comes around. So call us today, and let’s get you prepared for the winter temperatures. 

When the time comes to prepare the sprinkler winterization we will be there on time before the temperature drops below 32° F and after in time for spring.

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Freezing Temperatures Cause Damaged Sprinkler Systems. Let’s Help You Get Prepared!

At Sprinkler Medics we would like to help you prevent having to replace any damages from not having your sprinklers winterized. By not being prepared you may have:

  • Frozen/Burst pipes
  • Broken Valves & Junctions 
  • Unseen leaks can waste thousands of gallons

Let us help you save money and damages to keep your current sprinkler installation running by making sure your pipes are well-protected all year round.

Austin Sprinkler Winterization Services & More

With Sprinkler Medics we are happy to provide Sprinkler Winterization in Georgetown, Manor, Cedar Park and other areas. View our full location list below or call us today for a free quote and to get started today!