Sprinkler Medics of Austin: Helps You Save on Water with Mulching.

What is the purpose of mulch and how does it help your lawn thrive?

Mulch helps keep the moisture underground when facing the Texas heat. By keeping as much moisture underground, that means less watering. Mulch also helps to prevent unwanted plants from growing, such as weed pants. Even if they grow, pulling out later will be easier. Mulch is like adding insulation to your plants and flower beds to keep them cool in summer. Another benefit is that it looks fantastic. It makes your garden look sophisticated.
Sprinkler Medics offers an array of services besides mulching. Some of our other services include sprinkler installation, repair, landscaping, Bamboo, and so much more!

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Benefits of Mulching Your Lawn

At Sprinkler Medics, our purpose is to help you achieve a beautiful and healthy-looking lawn.  We would suggest mulching for:
  • Insulation
  • Prevent weeds to grow (or at least easier to pull)
  • Containment of moisture
  • Presentation & Curb Appeal
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Contact our representatives to get started on creating a healthy & beautiful-looking lawn without mulching services. Don’t forget to ask about our landscaping services, sprinkler repair, winterization, and much more!